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Thomas G

I am a MD physician and I have gotten excellent results from the acupuncture treatments. The office is very professional. Dr Olson explains the treatment plan very well. I would recommend the office to anyone seeking acupuncture treatment.

Enco N

If you take one thing away from this review it is this: Doctor Jennifer is fantastic.

In full disclosure, this was my first acupuncture appointment ever in my life, so I do not have much to compare it to in that regard. But I do know experiences….and this was stellar. Plus, the treatment WORKED! I was super skeptical, but her treatment worked 100%.

Sarah S

I had a wonderful experience at Now + Zen Acupuncture... after just one session my chronic knee pain has improved. 

Cecilia W

 I was experiencing tension/pain in my neck, right shoulder which was radiating to my bicep.  I was rubbing tiger balm and took Ibuprofren but nothing helped. After getting acupunture with cupping, I was able to sleep peacefully that night and woke up the next morning and the pain was gone. 

Celeste R

It's truly incredible how much acupuncture helps and Dr. Jennifer knows what she's doing. I highly recommend her! 

Omar G

Dr. Jennifer is very professional and great at helping with pain management. I had never tried acupuncture till now and even though I was a little nervous about treatment it has been instrumental in providing relief for long standing muscle and joint pain in my neck and shoulders. The cupping method with acupuncture feels rejuvenating in helping with mood, energy and most importantly SLEEP! 

Nicole E

Today, I woke up feeling so much better and very thankful to be a forever patient!!! If your looking for an acupuncturist don't look any further!!!! Dr. Jennifer I want to say "Thank you" so much and can't wait for my next visit!!!

Jaime S

It has been 2 days since my appointment and I am soooo happy! I am in shocked and amazed at how much better I feel. No more pain. I've already recommended her to friends and family, especially those who suffer from back pain.

Douglas J

10 stars!!! I have been going to Now + Zen for Acupuncture and cupping therapy for a few years to address different heath concerns and am always impressed by the results, the knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Olson. I have sent over friends and family and hear great things from everyone that I send to her office. Highly recommend!!

Chrys B

Once you walk in, you can't help but feel the positive zen energy. It was my first time for acupuncture and moxibustion and upon completion, I felt very relaxed and light on my feet. In addition, her place is so welcoming, warm, very beautifully decorated and most importantly, clean.

Suzy Q

Dr Jennifer is amazing! This was my first time getting acupuncture and she made me feel at ease from start to finish. From the gua shua massage to the light therapy & then facial & body acupuncture- I was in a complete heavenly trance! 

Jessica R

I loved my experience with Jennifer! She is kind and empathetic. She listened to my concerns and was eager to help.. she was very knowledgeable and took the time to really asses my concerns. 

Deepak S

It was my first time here and first time getting Acupuncture. My experience was amazing and the Dr. Was very professional. The treatment I got helped my Achilles pain big time. I do a heavy load of CrossFit workouts, and I tried a lot of things for pain but coming here made a huge difference! I would definitely recommend coming here,

Donnah H

  • If you haven't tried acupuncture you need to come here and meet with Dr Jennifer. Went in with a lot of pain and left feeling relaxed. I am forever grateful to Dr Jen and this wonderful place. I highly recommend . Definitely leave this place feeling zen and for me pain free as well. What a huge relief

  • ​​

Matt L

Life-changing pain relief and stress reduction, Dr. Jen is incredibly talented. I have referred her to numerous friends for a wide variety of ailments end nobody has been disappointed.
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